Eykar Member  published Community Village (1st of August) on News Blog
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HubixCube MemberHello everyone! Thanks all for attending the competition yesterday it was a lot of fun, and I apologise for the delay in this announcement and for my technical problems. But here are the much anticipated results:

Most creative - lukebrum873
Best quality - jibbleostrich
Best Futuristic Castle - qwerkydoe

Come find me for your trophy!
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jibbleostrich Member  rock on
lukebrum873   when will you next be on?
Eykar MemberNext week we will be having another building event, everyone is invited to help improve the look of the world spawn areas (Shamota, Skymill, etc...) we will be giving out free protection for those who wish to participate in building a house in one of the new player towns we are creating outside of the protection areas. A better announcement will be coming later on in the week, so stick around for more info! Also if you can't make it on Saturday we might also run the event on the Sunday too depending how successful the Saturday is.
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HubixCube MemberHey guys, hope you are all excited about the build competition tomorrow! The theme has been decided as 'Futuristic Castle' so get your ideas flowing. Thanks to those who have already signed up and a reminder that it's still not too late so let me know if you wanna join between now and the comp.
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Alkya   Congrats
lukebrum873   Alkya Bagel is joking he doesn't know is he has won
Qwerk   Bagel was the architectural mastermind behind plot 5
Eykar MemberThis is looking really positive guys! If week keep up this level of voting it could mean big things for the server! :sick:
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Eykar MemberHere are all the photos from the photo booth at May's party!
Hexicraft Minecraft Server
Unleash your imagination with your friends. Build a metropolis to rival the spawn itself.
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Eykar MemberCheck this: [link]

We've got a TS3 server! Come join and say hello :sick:
Link Description
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Bagel   I added 10 slots, now we have 15 slots till October! :sick:
HubixCube Member  published Build Comp II (25th of July) on News Blog
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Eykar MemberThe party begins in exactly 2 hours from now! I hope you can all be there! I'm going to repeat a few things from previous posts because I feel as though they might have gotten lost:
- The event will start at 8PM BST (that's current UK time)
- We'll be partying in the night club after the party so install this resource pack: [link] if you want to hear the tunes! :sick:
- A link to the main party description can be found below
Hexicraft Minecraft Server
Unleash your imagination with your friends. Build a metropolis to rival the spawn itself.
Eykar MemberHere's a resource pack for tomorrow's party! :sick: Linking because server resource packs seem a bit dodgey :sick:
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