HubixCube MemberAfter much deliberation we have come to a decision for the winners of the build competition:
The prize for best Mad Hatters House goes to Ghostiix!
Best quality - SpiderSqueak
Most creative - Alkya

Thanks for attending, see you all there next time
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VinceMagicPrince   You should showcase his build on here, so we can see.
Lumiϟt   Meh buddy won yay!
Potato   WOOOOOO ...
Eykar MemberThe minigames plugin has now been successfully installed on the server! Get online and /joingame!
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Eykar Member  published Automated Minigames! 29th of August on News Blog
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HubixCube MemberHello all, I'm here to announce the next building competition coming to you this Friday 28th at 8:30pm BST. The format will be as before with 3 hours to complete your build in a 40x40 plot, however with the fly world now being creative, you are no longer limited on what you can build with! The theme this time around will be the ‘Mad Hatters House’ so I hope to see plenty of mad ideas. Just comment your interest below if you want to take part, no matter who you are. Hurry, there is only a few days to go!
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Alkali   ooooo count me in boob x
Hvetebolle   imma build the maddest mad hatter house evva :sick:
Ace Ze Crafter Member  Well fine last time was fun.
Eykar MemberThis HexiNews video is a big longer, it might drag on a little! :/ But it has some exciting things in it! WATCH IT NOW.
Hexicraft Minigames Plugin - HexiNews #2
In the second episode of HexiNews, Eykar & Hubix discuss the...
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Bagel   (also like the video please it raises awareness of hexicraft!) :sick:
Eykar Member  (he means the video on youtube by the way not on here)
Eykar MemberThe marathon has started! Go to /warp marathon to join in!
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Hvetebolle   how long does it last?
AliCat713   Weekend Event
Eykar MemberThe minecraft marathon will be starting this evening!

It'll just be a community event for everyone to join and play minecraft together. We'll be making a joint town and hopefully most of us will be on teamspeak!
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Eykar Member  It has begun! Get online to join in!
Eykar MemberQuick little video for ya!
The Minecraft Marathon - HexiNews
The first HexiNews video, we talk about the Minecraft Marath...
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Alkali   cute
Senstro MemberMod  My life has been a lie. Ive allways pronounced it EYE-kar not AYE-kar.
Eykar MemberLater on today you're going to be doing some filming for the new trailer on hexi, so get online after 4pm BST if you want to be featured in the video! We need as many people as possible so tell all your friends :sick:
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Eykar Member  We got some great footage today, thank you to those who came! We'll be doing more fliming soon!
Eykar MemberThe creative world has become a thing that exists! Get online to try it out :sick: :sick: :sick:
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Hvetebolle   Wooooo
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