Eykar MemberTreegame is here! Love from Eykar and Hubix
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jibbleostrich Member  I've won this game afk more times than actually moving
spmacgeorge   fabulous
Promisee_Rosee   hello i was wondering if it is possible to get shayman69 which is now this account unbanned as the person has sold this account and i am now using it and this server looks amazing , i have donated 9.78 pound to this website and that is what i had left in my bank
Eykar MemberHexicraft is now 1.10!
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spmacgeorge   cool, what date will hexicraft be restarting(i heard rumors)
Eykar MemberHey guys, just so you know, Hexicraft will update to Minecraft 1.10 as soon as Spigot updates! Which hopefully shouldn't take too long! :)
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Çøxŷ Member  There's a 1.10 now? I should get on more often. XD
H4ukka MemberGuys stop spawning the Dragon and destroying the End farm. Danks.
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Hvetebolle   endfarm is broke again btw
Çøxŷ Member  Good thing someone has fixed it eh? :p
spmacgeorge   why don't you just move the end farm somewhere else?
Nebulen MemberVet-ModThe spawn isn't finished yet, but the server is now open!
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dgfcavs7 MemberMod  Perfect :d
H4ukka MemberA new build of Spigot 1.9 has been released so the server is down for the update.
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Hvetebolle   #HexiHype
Lumiϟt   i fan i fan
MysteryTaco   woohoo!
Hexicraft has reached a new record of 900 registered users today!
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Superbadger11   Nice
Lumiϟt   Kewl
spmacgeorge   YAY
Eykar MemberSolving some possible confusion with the server: This isn't a temporary solution! This map is here to stay, this is just the level which it makes sense to run the server at right now
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spmacgeorge   and why is there no plugins working for me?
Hvetebolle   spmacgeorge, because it is now mostly vanilla with pugins like LWC and such :)
spmacgeorge   why and whats LWC?
H4ukka MemberThings are taking shape. :d
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Eykar MemberIt's good to be back ;)
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Çøxŷ Member  Wb AFKar :p
Ace Ze Crafter Member  You can now become AFK again with ease.
Superbadger11   Glad it's back up and running hope to be online soon
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