Eykar Member  published Building Competition Announced! on News Blog
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Eykar MemberThe new video is out! Complete with the build comp winners announcement!
Building Competition Announced!
The winners of the Duckhunt building competition is announce...
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Lumiϟt   My ducks were mentioned, my life is complete :sick:
Potato   Congratz Alyka ... knew you were gonna " win " from the beginning .. totally did .. no lies ..
VinceMagicPrince   I'm genuinely surprised I actually was mentioned :sick: After I left I didn't really feel like I was contributing in any way... I'll build my build again when I'm on.
Thank you ever so much for letting me have the Pixel art, honorary spot on the list.
HubixCube MemberI know you've all been waiting patiently for the Build Comp results so I thought I'd let you know they are featured in tomorrows video so stay tuned!
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Eykar MemberI hope to see all of you online later for our trailer filming! 7PM BST. BE THERE.
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samanticore   Guess who's back
Eykar MemberThe HexiGames plugin is back! And it's got one in the quiver! Join us for the party at 7pm today, where you'll be able to select which games you want to play, whenever you want!
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Eykar Member  Today will be the last opportunity to play the games with a $1000 prize before it's reduced
HubixCube MemberWant to make your mark on Hexicraft history? That's right, it's sign up time again for the next building competition. This weeks competition asks you to construct a duckhunt arena (like the one at /warp duckhunt) which will be used in our Hexigames plugin. You may construct your build at any time between 7-12pm BST, and you don't have to be there for the start or finish so you have more of a chance to join in! Just comment below or ask on the day to get your plot.
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jibbleostrich Member  i'll take two bananas, a bag of flour, a pint of milk and a plot please
VinceMagicPrince   Count me in :sick:
Is this is tomorrow? or today?
Lumiϟt   Count me in!
Eykar MemberFind out how you could feature in our new trailer! Don't forget to like and comment on YouTube :sick: Thanks
Really Exciting New Trailer! - HexiNews
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, what're you on about? It's ...
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Eykar Member, Bagel and Bagel   added a total of 425 Advanced days to Hexicraft
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Bagel   shoutout to my homeboy eykar with the 3 6 5
Eykar Member  Shoutout to the Hexicraft donators who really paid for the 365
Bagel   ^ u da real mvps
Eykar MemberThe Minigames party event will be held sometime this week, watch here for more info!
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VinceMagicPrince   I assume you fixed it last night ;3 Or at least close to having it fixed! YAY!
Eykar MemberMore minigames! If you like and comment on the video on YouTube we'll love you forever <3
More Minigames! - HexiNews
Today Eykar and Hubix discuss upcoming tweaks and additions ...
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Hvetebolle   I look great in this video :sick:
Alkali   thumbs up heads down with me x
jibbleostrich Member  let's get going x
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