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goldenness MemberI sure had fun today.
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awesomebiga Member  EVIL!!!!
tadats MemberVet-ModI am pleased to announce the eternal exile of 20fortox
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Çøxŷ Member  :d everyone celebrate!
Pseudo Senstro MemberMod  [link]
tadats MemberVet-ModAnyone wanna buy a 26'' HD TV for 20 quid?
(Ill even give you the batteries for the remote!)
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tadats MemberVet-Mod  were u live m8?
Lewisdanny12 MemberMod  Down in Plymouth :) You live in Portsmouth right ? Both beautiful Navy cities my good friend :)
tadats MemberVet-Mod  Errr... Aye?
Lewisdanny12 MemberModEveryone go check out this server spotlight made by Pae913
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pae913 Member  Thank you for mentioning it, Lewis! :d
Eykar MemberFrom what he's told us we hope that ross will return to hexicraft after his exams in may, until then H4 will be taking up a managerial position on the server :)
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awesomebiga Member  Awesome! Hexicraft wouldnt be the same without him, better to have him then lose him.
tadats MemberVet-Mod  Aw man, I hate that guy.
BagelI'm sorry to say that today is the day I announce my resignation as Manager of Hexicraft. Long story short, my priorities are changing and for too long has this job been a leech on my time and effort with little/no reward in return. But thanks to those who have stuck around.
CodedPixel MemberMod  Yes Ross come back we has da cookies
dgfcavs7 MemberMod  This better be a joke
Bman Member  Oh okay.


goldenness MemberWe've started (somewhat) on [link]
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tadats MemberVet-Mod  Why is Gold green?
crafter_ace Member  Well.....
goldenness MemberGonna try and start Adventure Map Day in about 2 hours at 2:00pm EST.
(6:00pm GMT)
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Pseudo Senstro MemberMod  The maps are?
Bagel   published Hexicraft Network Update 3 on News Blog
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BagelApologies for the downtime folks, the Hexicraft Network is now compatible with 1.7.2 - 1.7.8 and is operating with the UUID system in preparation for 1.8 and name-changing! (Wooh!)

Come on to participate in some events I'll be hosting, with prizes to be won!
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