Eykar MemberSolving some possible confusion with the server: This isn't a temporary solution! This map is here to stay, this is just the level which it makes sense to run the server at right now
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spmacgeorge   i have just voted and i carnt do any commands or anything
spmacgeorge   and why is there no plugins working for me?
Hvetebolle   spmacgeorge, because it is now mostly vanilla with pugins like LWC and such :)
Hexicraft has reached a new record of 900 registered users today!
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klk   oo lets all party xxx
Superbadger11   Nice
Lumiϟt   Kewl
H4ukka MemberThings are taking shape. :d
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Eykar MemberIt's good to be back ;)
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Çøxŷ Member  Wb AFKar :p
Ace Ze Crafter Member  You can now become AFK again with ease.
Superbadger11   Glad it's back up and running hope to be online soon
H4ukka MemberHexicraft is up and running again on a feather light build with a new map.
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Superbadger11   Nice
BagelHey folks, just dropping in. If you are here, you're probably wondering what has happened to the server. Good question! Don't worry, everything is going to be okay please stop shaking!

Yes, Hexicraft is just offline for now, our Administrative team are all at University right now and are inundated with study amongst other life responsibilities, so while we're away we have decided to put Hexicraft on standby for now, saving our pennies for when we eventually return next year!

We are currently having talks about setting up a temporary solution in the meantime, but this is still uncertain. For now, we'll keep you posted!

Thanks for sticking around!
Eykar, Hubix, H4, Bagel and the team.
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Hvetebolle   Vegetez, I love you!!
kalun106 Aka The Vain one Member  I only just found out it was down man i feel lax... (Vegetez your a Lad with that hope)
Vegetez Member  Ohiki Bay combined with the vanilla server we had in between an update would be my dream. Also, Cloud is #1 character in sm4sh.
HubixCube MemberSorry for such a delay in the results for the Building Competition, that's totally on my being lazy. But wait no longer citizens for here they are!

To start off here are a couple special mentions:
- Superbadger for his interesting interpretation on star wars, it was a joy to explore.
- AliCat713 for his cool travel hub (don't remember if he said it was from something or not). It was well made and good looking!
The award for the best Space Travel build however goes to none other than Coxy_The_Warrior! It had a lot going on and I thought best captured an alien atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone for coming, I hope to hold another real soon.
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tangledfushion   cool can next build be like a winter build
spmacgeorge   ITS MY BIRTHDAY TO DAY!!!!! on November the 23!!
ellacat489   Happy Birthday :d
HubixCube MemberIt's been quiet and all recently, and I'm sure like me you all want that changed! Thats why this week I thought I'd host a building competition. It'll be around 7pm BST and last the usual 3 hours. Everyone is welcome to join in and watch, as I'm sure there will be other events happening throughout the night too. As usual if you want to join in you can comment below saying so but we will be able to fit you in on the night if you don't. Additionally I'd like you all to vote on what the theme should be by commenting it on this post. I looked at the board at /warp cg and say a couple of reoccuring themes so I will ask you to pick from one of two:

Edible Landmark - Build your favourite landmark or structure as food!

Space Travel: Design yourself a ship or station that would brighten up any corner of the dark desolate abyss of space.

See you all there!
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HubixCube Member  Don't worry I'm sure we will have another soon I'm sure
ellacat489   I had to leave early ;(
Superbadger11   When will we get the results as I'm eager to find out
Eykar Member  published Building Competition Announced! on News Blog
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Eykar MemberThe new video is out! Complete with the build comp winners announcement!
Building Competition Announced!
The winners of the Duckhunt building competition is announce...
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Lumiϟt   My ducks were mentioned, my life is complete :p
Potato   Congratz Alyka ... knew you were gonna " win " from the beginning .. totally did .. no lies ..
VinceMagicPrince   I'm genuinely surprised I actually was mentioned :p After I left I didn't really feel like I was contributing in any way... I'll build my build again when I'm on.
Thank you ever so much for letting me have the Pixel art, honorary spot on the list.
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