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BagelHello ladies and gents, boys and girls.

Today I come with a spot of bad news. Our favourite server network, Hexicraft, will be closing on the 25th of July. Due to lack of funds to continue paying the server fees.

This is not the end for Hexicraft though, no. Although we will be closing the network this Friday, we will be starting work on revamping the server and site next week, there are a lot of things needing done; needing fixed. So we could be offline for a while, perhaps even until 1.8. But we promise, when we come back, it will be something really special. We shall keep you posted here with regular updates on what you have to look forward to when that time finally comes.

Thank you to everyone who's supported Hexicraft this far and to those who will hopefully continue to support when we return.
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Bloonscraft Member  Will you be wiping the maps? ;;
Bagel   Just like it says in the post, any changes that are made will be relayed to you on this website.
AK_duck   ;~;
H4ukka MemberSMP Dynmap seems to be a bit bugged due to the 1.7.10 update. We're looking into it.
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H4ukka Member  Fixed. You can stalk on your friends once again!
GuyOfPie17 MemberVet-Mod  Huzzah
H4ukka MemberPVP server remains closed until we can get factions updated.
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Eykar Member  :'(
H4ukka Member  Fixed by downgrading the server back to 1.7.9; PvP is back online.
Bruno Member  :)
Bagel and Bagel   added a total of 256 Advanced days to Hexicraft
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! '๖ۣۜRiku★ 陸 MemberJrMod  Bagelception
Bruno Member  Yay !
Vegetez Member  Moar bagel
BagelWe are online on our new machine! You can use the usual address to connect now. Everything saved from yesterday is now online and everything went smoothly, and without a hitch.

Play once more at
Code: [link]
Link Description
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BagelWe are beginning our file backup and transfer.

From this point onwards, until we are on our new machine, NO changes to worlds and inventories will be saved. Your builds will be kept as they are right now.

For now, all rules still apply. So no griefing! Thank you.

Any questions? Post them below in the comments section!
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Bagel   By all means, build. However, don't be upset when you don't see it on the other side.
Berserker Member  how much time will it take untill its finished?
H4ukka Member  We got about 600 000 files to transfer and a massive MySQL database. Before uploading the files they still need to be checked. It'll take about 10-24 hours still.

Mean while if we can get enough players online we can hold unique events ; )
BagelHello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.

Hexicraft, due to circumstance, will have to switch server hosts. This means we will have to transfer all of our data: server files and databases, to a new machine.

How does this affect you? Not much, actually. The downtime should be minimal and no data should be lost as we will back up and transfer very carefully. So your inventories, builds and everything else should be safe. However, we will have to take our backup from some point before we transfer, because of this after a certain point (we'll tell you) whatever is done on the old machine will not be transferred to the new one. We might have some fun games where we destroy Spawn during this time; who knows :)

A new machine means a new IP address, and our domain name (play . hexicraft . com) may take up to 24 hours to update to this new address. So if you want immediate access to Hexicraft once we switch, you will need to keep your eyes peeled on the site to find the new IP which will be posted here that you can use until the domain updates.

Please comment below any concerns you may have about this, and we will be happy to address them. Thanks!
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Hexicraft has reached a new record of 750 registered users today!
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! '๖ۣۜRiku★ 陸 MemberJrMod  yay huzzah woohoo
Monkeysam Member  Huzzah indeed
Vegetez Member  maaa
H4ukka MemberGuy had a special visitor earlier today.

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CodedPixel MemberMod  oh em geee u met da guy dat made mienkraft
GuyOfPie17 MemberVet-Mod  Yeah, and Notch is in the picture too
BagelI will be on vacation from today until the 19th of June, so I will not be available for support or other things until then. Hope you guys enjoy the next week whilst I'm gone, see you soon!
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Bagel   Typical.
pae913 MemberJrMod  have fun ross
snowwleopard MemberDiamond  have fun ross but not to much ;3
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