H4ukka MemberThe Network is now online at 109 204 191 38
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H4ukka MemberIf enough people join tomorrow's Network event we'll run events on the Network.
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Bagel   Events within an event, I like it.
Eykar Member  We're also hoping for events to happen within those events
Eykar MemberThe server will be down shortly for a scheduled maintenance.
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Eykar Member  And we're back up!
HubixCube MemberAgainst all expectations, our glorious server, and you glorious people, have reached the Prismarine stretch goal. This is more money then we could shake a stick at, Hexicraft will be able to run for a long time thanks to this, so thank you everyone!!! Have fun with your flying everyone!! (Very Worried Face)
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Eykar Member  But this doesn't mean we don't need more support next month! We're are hopefully putting the money to work by buying faster and better hardware to reduce lag!
HubixCube MemberShout out to the Hubix Gang! Things got out of hand...
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BenDaBerserker Member  Thanks <3
orioman9   The Warp Is Now Open /warp HubixIsland
Lumiϟt   The beautiful house that Lumist made, that is our* beautiful house :sick:
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Bagel   Can't get on because the server is full :'(
jibbleostrich Member  happy laucnhg heixcraft!
Eykar Member  Merry launch day one and all!
HubixCube MemberOnly 20 minutes now Hexiraftians, I hope you all have your party hats on! Luv U Kissy Kiss Kiss
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BenDaBerserker Member  Da best new year gift <3
Hexicraft has reached a new record of 800 registered users today!
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Bluephoenix107 Member  GG HexiCraft
Eykar MemberWe go up tomorrow!
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Bo0k_sir   Can't wait, can't wait! C:
Lumiϟt   Can't wait! :sick:
Bluephoenix107 Member  Hey Guys :sick:
H4ukka MemberOur team of archaeologists have discovered something quite mysterious to the far east. They mostly took pictures of mountains though, so we don't quite know what this whole mystery is about.Maybe you can unearth all of it's secrets?

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Dan Lewis 댄 MemberMod  WE HAVE ARCHAEOLOGISTS ?!
Monkeysam Member  I bet that's where my parents are hiding
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