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Lewisdanny12 MemberModEveryone go check out this server spotlight made by Pae913
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pae913 Member  Thank you for mentioning it, Lewis! :d
Eykar MemberFrom what he's told us we hope that ross will return to hexicraft after his exams in may, until then H4 will be taking up a managerial position on the server :)
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awesomebiga Member  Awesome! Hexicraft wouldnt be the same without him, better to have him then lose him.
tadats MemberVet-Mod  Aw man, I hate that guy.
BagelI'm sorry to say that today is the day I announce my resignation as Manager of Hexicraft. Long story short, my priorities are changing and for too long has this job been a leech on my time and effort with little/no reward in return. But thanks to those who have stuck around.
CodedPixel MemberMod  Yes Ross come back we has da cookies
dgfcavs7 MemberMod  This better be a joke
Bman Member  Oh okay.


goldenness MemberWe've started (somewhat) on [link]
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tadats MemberVet-Mod  Why is Gold green?
crafter_ace Member  Well.....
goldenness MemberGonna try and start Adventure Map Day in about 2 hours at 2:00pm EST.
(6:00pm GMT)
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Pseudo Senstro MemberMod  The maps are?
Bagel   published Hexicraft Network Update 3 on News Blog
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BagelApologies for the downtime folks, the Hexicraft Network is now compatible with 1.7.2 - 1.7.8 and is operating with the UUID system in preparation for 1.8 and name-changing! (Wooh!)

Come on to participate in some events I'll be hosting, with prizes to be won!
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BagelHey guess what peeps? The HexiGames beta is NOW ON! Anyone currently holding an active Premium Rank is now whitelisted (and will be permanently whitelisted even after their rank expires) and can join by heading over to the HexiGames island and entering one of the portals!

And with the Feed The Beast beta also opening very soon to Premium Ranks, now is the best time to show your support for Hexicraft and gain access to these new features on top of the usual donor perks!

Note: The HexiGames are in *BETA*, so please expect bugs and frequent changes; including mechanics and maps. Please report any bugs and give suggestions here: [link]
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pae913 Member  Woo!
Bagel   A major chunk error issue has been found, however it should be fixed by this weekend. You can still play, but the map may have a chunk error or two. The plugin developer is working towards a fix.
Pseudo Senstro MemberMod  What FTB Pack will we be using?
goldenness MemberLike Adventure Maps? Want to play some? I'll be trying to host some this Saturday on the Adventure Map server. Bit more info here: [link]
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Monkeysam MemberDiamond  Cool
awesomebiga Member  Adventure Maps r 4 the kool kats, im not a kool kat (I cant attend :) )
tadats MemberVet-ModReminder for you all to turn up tomorrow night, there will be events/competitions where you can win everything your heart desires. It will be running most of the night!
Be there!
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Eykar Member  I was just about to not turn up and i was reminded to turn up and now i will turn up!
awesomebiga Member  Yeah I cant make it
Sillysloths MemberMod  Turn up?
Turn down for what?
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