Eykar MemberThe update is out! (early!)
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Alkya   love it xx
Bagel   Feisty
Eykar MemberCheck out the "To The Skies" update video!
To The Skies Update Preview
Video preview for the upcoming "To The Skies" update schedul...
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Bo0k_sir   Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
SmiGaTroN1   i'm sad this video didn't show any ghast's being punched in the face
Sayakaa MemberMod  Is it bad that Im most exited about the sitting being reintroduced?
Eykar MemberProud new owner of the Sanctuary Mansion: SmiGaTroN1 standing in front of his new property.
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Eykar MemberWatch the Sanctuary Mansion auction trailer! Check the post below this one for more info!
Sanctuary Mansion Auction
The auction of Sanctuary Mansion will take place on the 27th...
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Eykar Member/warp SanctuaryMansion will be sold to a lucky new owner tomorrow at roughly 18:00 UK time tomorrow (Saturday).

Bidding will start at $25,000, and I'll just let you all say increasingly high numbers until nobody wants to spend any more. Our in house estate agent Mayester has estimated the property is valued at $500,000 although we don't know how much we trust him on that.

WARNING: Anyone who bids an amount they can't afford will be tempbanned for 2 days, if you big an amount you will have to pay it!
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! '๖ۣۜRiku★ 陸 Member  no one even has 500k...
! '๖ۣۜRiku★ 陸 Member  cute little video
Eykar MemberJoin us this saturday for the auction of /warp SanctuaryMansion!
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MysteryTaco   sounds fun! what time?
Bo0k_sir   ..and what kind of auction?
Eykar MemberThese are some pictures of the most iconic builds on Hexicraft at the moment.
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H4ukka MemberHere are a few images captured during the HexiAwards ceremony :sick:
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H4ukka Member  published Hexicraft News on News Blog
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HubixCube MemberThanks so much to everyone for coming to the Awards it was a huge success!
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Bo0k_sir   I always miss those screenshots :C
MysteryTaco   i am the greatest dancer ever and if you disagree i will fight you
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