Eykar MemberWe've got a test server up now! It's whitelisted and we're building the spawn, but it'll be ready soon, follow us on twitter or facebook for updates :sick: [link] [link]
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Eykar MemberSpigot is 1.8 and we shall be returning soon.
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AK_duck   Is Hexi just down for me atm
Dan Lewis MemberMod  198 251 85 112
HubixCube MemberLewis has kindly donated a temporary 1.8 vanilla server for those of you suffering with Hexicraft withdrawl symptoms. Don't expect much, it's just a little something to keep you going but we are still waiting for a proper relaunch where all of your kindly donated money will go so watch this space.

Cya soon x

IP: 95 141 32 28:25869
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Senstro MemberMod  Lewis you have my soul, once I get it back from who ever stole it in the first place...
creepercuddler99   I seem to be unable to access the temp vanilla server :(
creepercuddler99   It appears i mistakenly forgot the . between each number *facepalm*
Eykar MemberWe're still here and waiting, while spigot and sponge are both past the 'early November' release dates they promised we're still confident that Hexicraft will be back up and running before the Christmas break, if not it will be a sad Christmas for all of us. Also thank you to the donator/s that continue to support us, and we can't wait to show you the new server!
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AK_duck   Woop woop :sick:
Monkeysam Member  Finally
Eykar MemberWe have some good news! When Bukkit updates to 1.8 we will be re-opening the server! The network wont be making a return but we plan to bring back the classic Hexicraft survival server, the same as you would always expect, except with the addition of Towny and a new auction plugin. There will also be a cool new way to donate that rewards everyone and is EULA compliant!

We also have some bad news to announce, Ross, H4, Gold and Coded have all resigned from their staff positions due to lack of time, but we hope to see them back in the future.
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LewisP98   How long to wait now?
Hvetebolle   Anybody know when Bukkit updates? Possibly when the server updates?
WyattWLP3 Member  im confused dose this mean that i will need to update too?
HubixCube MemberYou may have noticed that there is a new donation module to the right hand side of the site. This is because we have changed the way donations are happening in an exciting way. We now have stretch goals rather then a monthly target which with each goal reached will unlock new things, be it the reopening of the network, or exciting things like plugins, access to commands and even brand new servers!

What's more each donator gets a permanent donator tag on the server so they can be recognised as a contributor. So I hope you will be able to donate, any amount will do, so that we can bring a more enjoyable experience to the server you love.
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Bo0k_sir   I've got the same question! And noone answers :C
Eykar Member  Yes, the question is when will it be updated. As always the answer to this question is known only by our future selves.
fyrestrix Member  I wish i was a time traveller :sick:
H4ukka MemberLWC is now online so you may use /cprotect and such to lock your chests, furnaces etc.
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H4ukka Member  Protection Stones probably won't be added since we can just rollback any griefs with LogBlock.
Eykar Member  Since we are on a really low spec machine due to no (0) donations right now, we have to minimise plugins, protection will return when we raise the money.
Bo0k_sir   Is server map going to be updated to 1.8 soon after release?
Eykar MemberIn response to the poll up there ^^
Tell us why you picked what you did.
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Carnai Member  53% yes
48% no
Seems legit
Bagel   looks like someone doesn't like <1's
Vegetez Member  No,because when Ohiki Bay was around there was a community of players who got to know each other. A large number of people had bought houses in Oaktown and that was where most of the hustle was. The network separated us but we shall unite in survival bukkit.
BagelHey folks, I have a question. Would you like polls right here on the homepage for some of the biggest possible changes to Hexicraft? If you say "YES PLEASE", give this post a like. Make sure you do like it if you want to have polls, otherwise they might not happen!
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Bman Member  [TIL] The underlined text is not a link. *DOH*
Wolfpuppydog Member  Yes Please:-D :sick:
Bruno Member  YES PLEASE
H4ukka MemberWe got a Vanilla server setup; we're not totally dead! ->
Code: [link]
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H4ukka Member  Currently the server is bare-bones; More stuff will be added in the next few days.
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