Eykar MemberThe contents June update will be announced on the 1st of June! :sick:
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Eykar MemberChallenge: If somebody donates anything between £1-24 in the next few days I'll make up the difference myself and get us to Emerald! Be quick though, the sooner we get to Emerald, the longer you get the rank for! :sick:
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SmiGaTroN1   challenge accepted lol
Eykar MemberWe have loads of exciting fun new things coming up in June, stay tuned to find out more of what we have planned!
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spmacgeorge   guys i am so board can i please be unbanned i have been waiting 7 weeks please i am begging you this server was really fun also when you get banned do you lose all your stuff? some one please unban me please?
Mayester MemberMod  George, if you want to be unbanned, you will have to appeal on the forums like it stated in your ban message, asking and saying that you are bored is no excuse to having comitted crimes on the server.
Eykar MemberYou can now vote on the new trading system! :sick:
Unleash your imagination with you and your friends. Build a metropolis to rival the spawn itself.
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dgfcavs7 MemberMod  AAAAYYY!!
ZenCaliber Member  Looks Good!
Eykar MemberTell us your ideas for a new trading system on the server!
Server item trading system proposal
I would like to know what players and staff members think about this system that has been devised for buying/ selling items on the server. The current system: Currently we are usin...
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Eykar MemberA refreshment of building space! Check out /warp Jingtu on the server!
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Eykar Member and Bagel   added a total of 180 Advanced days to Hexicraft
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HubixCube MemberBe online around 8 GMT today for double prize and special events!
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H4ukka Member  Mind you this is outdated, and ought to be deleted.
HubixCube MemberMake sure you are around tomorrow afternoon/evening for celebrations of the Chinese New Year!
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H4ukka MemberThank you all for your loyal support. One step closer towards gaining the Prismarine rank for all players this month!
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