Eykar MemberIn response to the poll up there ^^
Tell us why you picked what you did.
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Carnai Member  53% yes
48% no
Seems legit
Bagel   looks like someone doesn't like <1's
Vegetez Member  No,because when Ohiki Bay was around there was a community of players who got to know each other. A large number of people had bought houses in Oaktown and that was where most of the hustle was. The network separated us but we shall unite in survival bukkit.
BagelHey folks, I have a question. Would you like polls right here on the homepage for some of the biggest possible changes to Hexicraft? If you say "YES PLEASE", give this post a like. Make sure you do like it if you want to have polls, otherwise they might not happen!
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Bman Member  [TIL] The underlined text is not a link. *DOH*
Wolfpuppydog Member  Yes Please:-D :-D
Bruno Member  YES PLEASE
H4ukka MemberWe got a Vanilla server setup; we're not totally dead! ->
Code: [link]
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H4ukka Member  Currently the server is bare-bones; More stuff will be added in the next few days.
goldenness MemberI'm creating a Hexicraft montage, but I need some more screenshots/videos. Consider uploading them to imgur and giving the links to me via PM or in the comments.

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HubixCube Member  'never got round to it' tsk. You have no idea.
AK_duck   ;--;
Eykar Member  Hubix and I were constantly round to it
HubixCube MemberThe faithful 9 that remain on Hexicraft in its current incarnation to the end. Bless ya guys, party hard.
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Boxasaurus Member  (Not Pictured: Enemy600)
Junky Member  Guy Im sorry I have not been on lately ive have just been having a hard time with things but ill always be here for the server and im gonna make time and devote more time like i did before to the server.
Vegetez Member  I was on a few hours before. Computer heated up D:
H4ukka MemberBackups of the Network worlds will be saved at 03:00 CET (GMT +2) 25th of July. World changes will not be saved after this time.
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AK_duck   :d
BagelHello ladies and gents, boys and girls.

Today I come with a spot of bad news. Our favourite server network, Hexicraft, will be closing on the 25th of July. Due to lack of funds to continue paying the server fees.

This is not the end for Hexicraft though, no. Although we will be closing the network this Friday, we will be starting work on revamping the server and site next week, there are a lot of things needing done; needing fixed. So we could be offline for a while, perhaps even until 1.8. But we promise, when we come back, it will be something really special. We shall keep you posted here with regular updates on what you have to look forward to when that time finally comes.

Thank you to everyone who's supported Hexicraft this far and to those who will hopefully continue to support when we return.
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Bloonscraft Member  Will you be wiping the maps? ;;
Bagel   Just like it says in the post, any changes that are made will be relayed to you on this website.
AK_duck   ;~;
H4ukka MemberSMP Dynmap seems to be a bit bugged due to the 1.7.10 update. We're looking into it.
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H4ukka Member  Fixed. You can stalk on your friends once again!
GuyOfPie17 MemberVet-Mod  Huzzah
H4ukka MemberPVP server remains closed until we can get factions updated.
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Eykar Member  :'(
H4ukka Member  Fixed by downgrading the server back to 1.7.9; PvP is back online.
Bruno Member  :)
Bagel and Bagel   added a total of 256 Advanced days to Hexicraft
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! '๖ۣۜRiku★ 陸 MemberJrMod  Bagelception
Bruno Member  Yay !
Vegetez Member  Moar bagel
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