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dgfcavs7 MemberModJust a reminder guys of my post a months or two ago that you can message me on here, Skype, or Twitter if you ever need someone to talk to. Someone I know recently committed suicide because of bullying and id hate for any of you to even consider it. I will do my best to help you out. The last time I posted something like this I had an amazing turn out. My username for Skype and twitter is dgfcavs7
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土地Riku™ Member  You know DG you really are a great person for doing this, for helping others with issues. That's exactly what I aspire to do. Thank you :)
tadats MemberVet-Mod97% !
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awesomebiga Member  Im starting to think all that doody on your face is blocking your eye sight
Monkeysam Member  100%
pae913 Member  100%+ :3
Sillysloths MemberModThe day my brother showed me Minecraft.
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dgfcavs7 MemberMod  Where it all started....
Sillysloths MemberMod  This was roughly two years ago
dgfcavs7 MemberModKeep your eye out on the server. Wiggins may return
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Monkeysam Member  Huh....
Pseudo Senstro MemberModSome time Friday, I am going to do a Diamond givaway. Just like this and I will pick one of you at random.

Staff are NOT allowed to participate. Sorry but I have cookies for you!
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Carnai Member  We want cookies too!
Sillysloths MemberMod  Cookies pls
Monkeysam Member  COOKIES!
BagelThe Hexicraft store now accepts mobile payments internationally for almost all countries, as well as bank transfers, prepaid cards, debit and credit cards.
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tadats MemberVet-Mod  At last!
tadats MemberVet-Mod41%
Keep it up guys!
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tadats MemberVet-Mod  :(
Monkeysam Member  I will be donating again sometime this week
Monkeysam Member  Even that I just donated for emerald
goldenness MemberHello Hexicraft,

Unfortunately Hexicraft is not in a very good state financially at the moment. We have not been reaching donation goals these past few months, and sadly if we do not reach our goal this month, Hexicraft will go offline on April 30th. That's 10 days from now.

The failure to meet donation goals these last few months has taken a toll on Hexicraft. If you enjoy playing on Hexicraft, please consider purchasing a rank to help keep it online.

Thank you, and have a nice day. Hexicraft Store: [link]
Hexicraft | Welcome
Link Description
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pae913 Member  Okay I can donate!
The1Berserker Member  I donated :)
Monkeysam Member  Me too just then for emerald
goldenness MemberCongratulations to ActionJackson for finding the dragon egg!, and congrats to Monkeysam10 for finding the most eggs! Thanks to everyone else for participating. Perhaps we'll do another hunt in Goldland in a bit.
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goldenness Member  Z5xmpwh.png
Monkeysam Member  This was fun
goldenness MemberEgg hunt is beginning momentarily.
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Monkeysam Member  Yay just joining now
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